Roman Step Safety Cover Form

Pool Shape Dimensions

Measurements of Pool Steps

Measure pool size from water edge to water egde. Measure steps from outside collar to collar.

If your step is not on the end of the pool you must call or fax in the dimensions.

Steps Measurement

Please Provide Width and Length Measurements of Steps.

Safety Cover Attributes

Material Type:

Drainage Type (Solid Safety Covers Only):


Customer Info

(leave blank if you are unsure)
(leave blank if you are unsure)

Additional Questions

Do you have 3' of concrete decking all the way around the pool?

If not what do they have: i.e. 2/3 wood and concrete as an example.

Do you have any obstructions within 12" of the waters edge?

If so then what is it: i.e. handrails, grab rails, fill spouts