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Pool Vacuum & Vacuum Pole Information

Whether as an additional tool in your pool cleaning arsenal or your primary line of defense against scum, a swimming pool vacuum head or handheld pool vacuum can work wonders for maintaining your pool. Perfect for quick touch-ups, a vacuum head is an essential tool you won't want to overlook. When making your selection, ensure compatibility with your pool's surface to avoid potential damage. Consider the power source and enough hose length to reach every area of your pool.

Why Choose A Handheld Vacuum Over An Automatic Cleaner?

Depending on your budget and pool size, an automatic cleaner might be excessive. Handheld vacuums offer a more affordable alternative while providing complete control over the cleaning process. They are ideal for small to medium-sized pools, although some individuals may still prefer an automatic cleaner. Both types of vacuums effectively spot-clean the pool and reach challenging areas.

Do I Need A Pool Vacuum?

A pool vacuum plays a crucial role in keeping your pool free from debris throughout the season. Whether you choose a handheld vacuum, a manual vacuum head, or an automatic pool cleaner, you'll quickly realize its importance. Maintain cleanliness to prevent algae formation on your pool's floor, walls, and steps, benefitting both you and your guests.

How Do I Use My Vacuum?

When selecting a vacuum, ensure compatibility with your pool's surface and power source. After purchasing, assemble it and verify that the hose length is sufficient to cover your entire pool. If the vacuum includes a debris bag, ensure it is empty and securely in place. If your vacuum relies on the suction power from your pump and filter system, the next step is to secure the hose, remembering to turn OFF the pump while doing so. Once everything is set, you're ready to begin vacuuming. Move the vacuum slowly around the pool to minimize debris disturbance and go over spots multiple times for thorough cleaning.