Safety Covers

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Safety Cover Information

Keep your swimming pool safe all winter with a durable safety cover. These covers offer a more secure and long-lasting alternative to traditional winter covers. No matter your pool's size or shape, we can help you find the perfect cover.

First, select the right size and shape for your pool, then choose between a mesh or solid cover. Check the brand's specifications for your pool steps. Unique pool shapes might require a custom cover. For solid covers, decide between a mesh panel or built-in cover pump to prevent water accumulation.

How to Measure Your Swimming Pool

Measure the length and width of your pool for accuracy. If your pool has built-in steps, measure them separately, noting any offsets. Contact our pool experts at 1-800-828-7838 for more help.

Should I Get a Safety Cover Or a Winter Cover?

Safety covers and winter covers both protect your pool from debris and sunlight during winter. However, safety covers provide extra security by preventing accidents involving children, animals, and visitors. Note that safety covers require at least 3 feet of deck space around the pool for proper installation.